The actors discuss their onscreen relationship, super powers, and their favorite episodes of the show

Recently we sat in on a conference call for NBC's much talked about drama Heroes. This hit show follows a bunch of different people across the globe as they realize they have special powers. Speaking were stars Adrian Pasdar and Milo Ventimiglia.

Is it true that the major story arcs we're currently seeing in the show will be brought to a conclusion by the halfway point of the show?

Adrian Pasdar: Well, I think from all of our perspectives there really can be no end to this story because one door closes and another opens. As it was explained to us early on, there may be periodic endings to subplots, but the overall arc of the story is just never-ending.

Milo, was it always decided how your character was going to discover his power?

Milo Ventimiglia No, going into the pilot I had no idea. I just thought there was this dynamic relationship between Nathan and Peter, and it was Peter aiding his brother Nathan in that he could fly. It wasn't until a couple of months later, after the show had been picked up... Tim walked up to me and he had a big smile on his face and he said, "I think we figured out Peter."

Milo, are we ever going to see what happens when you're in the room with two superheroes?

Milo Ventimiglia I think there's the physical pressure that Peter feels if he were in the room with two superheroes. The physical, mental overwhelming that it could possibly get him into. We do get into that, we do explore it and also, is he ever going to attain or is it just when he's nearby somebody?

What's it like playing superheroes who aren't in any kind of costumes? Is it still fun?

Milo Ventimiglia Yeah, Adrian and I get to fly, the first feeling is ouch and the second is absolutely cool. You read the scripts they're based in human emotion and these wonderfully written characters interacting. Yeah, of course, it's cool to think about all the effects in the unreality stuff that we get to do.

Adrian Pasdar: I gotta say I was a little hesitant in the beginning. When you read things like this, they describe the stunts in the script you just say, "Oh man, if they don't spend the money or the time on this, this is gonna look cheesy." After seeing what the special effects team has been able to pull off episode after episode it's really exciting, because what I know now is that they're gonna take it to the next level. We read it and it's great, but they're gonna do something I can't even imagine.

Could you two describe Nathan and Peter's relationship?

Adrian Pasdar: There's a definite challenge... I have a tremendous respect for Milo as a human being, and of course as an actor. We've become good friends over the course of this show. There's an adversarial tone to their relationship. An alpha male composition to how they perceive each other. I don't always treat Peter on screen with the respect that one would hope for, that's somewhat of a challenge sometimes. I think their relationship is a combination of competition for not just success but the admiration of their parents.

Milo Ventimiglia Sometimes you're working in highly emotional scenes and you'll get lost in the moment. You're having fun with your friend at work. It's an opportunity to give to them as much as they've given back to you.

Milo, if this turns out to be the last episode of Gilmore Girls is there any chance you'll make an appearance?

Milo Ventimiglia None.

Do either of you have a favorite episode of Heroes so far?

Adrian Pasdar: I liked Episode 5 where I got to fly, for obvious reasons. I also think they're like breaths of air, how do you choose your favorite? Every episodes providing something unique and interesting for me to focus on, and I've just been lucky and privileged to be a part of the ones I have been.

Milo Ventimiglia 5 is definitely pretty rad for the reason of Nathan flying. I also like number 3. I just like where it went from the plot... kind of the continuation of the feel of the show. Getting into new characters... and number 6 I enjoyed because we finally got to see Leonard Roberts come in and do what he does which is amazing.

What does it say about this show that it can address comic books, Richard III, and the White House?

Adrian Pasdar: Well, that's it really, it doesn't have any limits on it. It's only limited by what the writers can come up with.

Do you think the show might be too complicated for casual viewers?

Adrian Pasdar: Apparently not. The casual viewer would seem to be not a target audience. I think here, the audience is someone who sits down and watches TV...

Milo Ventimiglia I think anybody approaching the show is going to want things not spoon-fed to them. They're going to want to answer questions for themselves, as well as receive answers. Sometimes that's a pitfall, a show will ask too many questions and not give so many answers. I think a casual viewer as well as an intense viewer watching the show is going to enjoy it for the same reason.

What's been your most surprising thing with your experience with Heroes?

Adrian Pasdar: It all seems like it's been so well mapped out. There have been no accidents of that nature, or a surprise in a show like this would be some sort of accident whether it was positive or negative. I think everybody here on all fronts has realized the potential of this story, and they've done their best to achieve that.

Milo Ventimiglia I'd just have to agree with, Adrian.

Heroes currently airs on Mondays at 9/8c on NBC.