Even though famed horror auteur Dario Argento is set to release his latest thriller Giallo on DVD this week, star Adrien Brody is suing for the sum of $3 million in an attempt to stop the movie from seeing distribution. The actor alleges that producers lied to him in order to keep him from walking off the set.

The Hollywood Reporter states that Adrien Brody signed a "pay or play" contract to appear in the project, but soon discovered that Giallo was under funded, and that producers had failed to pay upwards of $640,000 into an escrow account. Brody was prepared to walk away from the set, but instead signed a new contract that deferred his paycheck in exchange for having the "absolute right to withhold consent to the use of his likeness in the Picture" until he was paid in full.

Last Thursday, Adrien Brody claimed in federal court that he had never been paid for appearing in Giallo, and that producers claims of new funding on the project at the time he signed his new contract were fraudulent. When Brody tried to apply his contractual obligation to withhold Giallo from release, producers ignored him.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Adrien Brody "wants a permanent injunction against distribution of the film as well as the $640,000 he's owed, plus $2 million more for breach of contract, breach of fair dealing, fraud, and misappropriation of his publicity rights."