An awkward teenage virgin lands a crash course in getting girls in the red band trailer for Adventures in the Sin Bin. Billy Federighi directs this comedy centering on Brian (Michael Seater), who is constantly loaning out his van dubbed the "Sin Bin" so his friends can have sex in it. Brian meets a helpful young man (Bo Burnham) who tries to teach him the art of wooing women. Take a look at the first footage from this comedy, featuring R-rated language and sexual situations, co-starring Emily Meade, Ben McKenzie, Jeff Garlin, Gillian Jacobs and Tim Blake Nelson.

Brian is a shy teen who loans out his van, nicknamed Sin Bin, to his friends for their sexual exploits while he remains a frustrated virgin. When he meets a helpful school mate and his girlfriend, he finds himself in an awkward love triangle while learning the art of wooing women.