Prepare to hop back onto the saddle, as later this month, Ash vs. Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell will revisit the cult favorite comedy Western series The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. Created by Carlton Cuse and Jeffrey Boam, the cult favorite series only ran for one season on the Fox network between 1993 and 1994, bowing out with a total of 27 episodes. Showing off Campbell's comedic abilities outside of the horror genre, the series was a hit with fans of the actor, and as the years have gone by, fans continue to watch the show by way of the DVD box set or online streaming services.

Now, Bruce Campbell is heading back to the West for a live table read with several other cast members of the show. "Guess who's coming back for one more ride...?" Campbell tweeted this week, including a link to information about The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. reunion. Set for July 31, the event will be streamed online for those who purchase tickets to be able to watch for up to two days afterward. Those in attendance will speak about their experiences working on the show and the legacy it has since created. They will also read through the show's pilot script, giving Campbell the chance to redeliver some of his best lines from Brisco County Jr.'s first episode.

Along with Campbell, who plays the titular bounty hunter in the comedy Western, the reunion will also bring back his co-stars Kelly Rutherford (Gossip Girl), Christian Clemenson (Turn: Washington's Spies), and John Pyper-Ferguson (Suits). Co-creator and showrunner Carlton Cuse (Locke & Key; Lost) will also be present, and the event will invite multiple special guest stars, such as Baron Vaughn (Grace & Frankie). More names are also expected to be announced in the days leading up to the online reunion.

On Brisco County Jr., Campbell stars as a Harvard-educated lawyer who becomes a bounty hunter in the year 1893. Though a Western at heart with its appropriate setting, the series is best remembered for its comedic material. Even when it was first cancelled, the disappointment that resulted from fans was pretty well-documented. When it was axed by Fox in 1995, People magazine referred to the cancellation as "one of the tragedies" of that year's television season.

Earlier this year, Campbell reignited interest in a sequel series by tweeting a mock poster for new episodes of the show on Netflix. Unfortunately for fans, the image was posted on April Fools' Day, and hopes for a revival were dashed just as quickly as they arose. Still, Campbell noted he'd be happy to revisit the role if a sequel series were to go into production. The upcoming live table read further proves just how much the classic show still holds a special place in the B-movie legend's heart, and if enough people buy tickets for the reunion, we would seemingly move one step closer to a potential reboot.

The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. reunion is set for July 31 at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT. Tickets will run you $12.50 and the show will be available to watch for 48 hours after the July 31 air date. Ticket proceeds will also be directly benefiting some good causes, as donations will be made to Color of Change and The Writers Guild Foundation. You can purchase tickets for the reunion now at House Seats.