The American Film Institute has decide to change history a little bit. They have completely reworked their 100 Greatest Movies of All Time list, updating the original that appeared in 1996. According to Variety, there are some notable changes.

Citizen Kane remained in the number one spot. And eight of the original top ten are holding steady. The films were nominated by a pool of directors, screenwriters, actors, editors and cinematographers, critics and historians.

The Godfather came in at number two, while Casablanca held firm at number three. Raging Bull, though, jumped all the way from number twenty-four into the number four spot. This dropped Gone With the Wind down one spot to number five.

Rounding out the revised top ten were Singin' in the Rain, Lawrence of Arabia , Schindler's List, Vertigo (up from No. 61 a decade ago) and The Wizard of Oz.

To view the entire list of 100 greatest films, you can visit AFI's website.