Director M. Night Shyamalan has released early concept art photos and a set photo from After Earth, which hits theaters June 7, 2013. Take a look at these images below, plus read M. Night Shyamalan's description attached underneath each photo.

<strong><em>After Earth</em></strong> Concept Art #1
"This is Dean, an amazing illustrator. He's illustrating an early scene from the film. (I've picked tantalizingly vague pictures haven't I?)"

<strong><em>After Earth</em></strong> Concept Art #1
"These are paintings and photos I've collected over the year. They are up on the inspiration wall in the art department of After Earth."

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<strong><em>After Earth</em></strong> Set Photo
"This is Tom, my prod. designer standing in a redwood tree that has fallen over and split. This is one of our locations in N. Cali."

/after-earth-adds-isabelle-fuhrman/Last week, we reported Isabelle Fuhrman joined After Earth, a report which also revealed production is starting this March in Pennsylvania and Utah. It seems the production will also take place in Northern California as well.