Ciarán Hinds has signed on for an unspecified role in Fox International's reboot Agent 47. While the details about his role are being kept under wraps, his character is involved in a pivotal event centering on a scientist.

Rupert Friend is starring as the title character, a mysterious assassin who has a barcode tattooed to the back of his head. Thomas Kretschmann is portraying the villainous LeClerq, who runs Syndicate International, a company striving to create an army of indestructible assassins. Zachary Quinto is portraying another villain, with Hannah Ware starring as the female lead.

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Aleksander Bach is directing from a script by Skip Woods and Michael Finch. Skip Woods also wrote the original 2007 video game adaptation Hitman, based on the same Square Enix video game series this reboot is adapted from. The game has sold over 20 million units worldwide since its debut. Production is currently under way in Berlin.

Ciarán Hinds most recently lent his voice to the grandpa troll in Disney's hit animated musical Frozen, and he stars in Game of Thrones as Mance Rayder. He will next be seen in McCanick and Last Days in the Desert.