"Yer an executive producer, yo?"

" Am I? Are you serious? I didn't even know this...You know what it is though? We learn this the hard way. It's hard when you don't have any control. Then people want you to do something that you might not really want to do, or wear something that you might not really want to wear, or say something that you don't want to say. When you have a little bit of control, like my mom, she can go in and say, "I don't think this is appropriate." Stuff like that is really important. I think that's why I have an Executive Producer credit."

" Waz ya dizzin' in this fresh z, Hilary?"

" In Cinderella Story? Well, it's kind of like a new age Cinderella. It's not cheesy and corny like Prince Charming and all that. It's cool because I don't think anyone has seen me in this character. Lizzie McGuire is really upbeat and fashion forward. She's so hip and trendy. The same with Natalie. I don't think anyone has seen me as a plain Jane, or a more serious character. She has a total metamorphoses, which is really cool. There's a love story in it, and she has a really good best friend. But then she has a horrible home life and a terrible stepmother. And her two stepsisters. Her dad has died. It's more serious, and I think it will appeal to a little bit older audience than what goes to see Lizzie McGuire."

" Who'z the luver, honey? Any in dah home base slide?"

" Not yet, and I hope I get to be a part of that."

" Who'z ya callin'?"

" I don't know, there's lots of people. Actually, I say lots of people, but there aren't too many guy my age or a little bit older. There's no cute guys, like Josh Hartnett. They're all older, they're in their twenties. You know? There is this really cute guy named Chad Malcolm Murray. Do you know who that is? He's really cute. I don't even know what he's been in. I just see him in magazines and think, "Oh, he's cute!" I don't know."

" Iz ya'll livin' ah Cinderelly Story?"

" Totally. I was in the studio the other night, and I hit this really high note, so I was really proud of myself. I was like, "Wow, did I just do that?" I always dreamed about this since I was little. My sister and I would watch movies, and after we'd see it we would act out the scenes and get all dressed up. We'd try to do it as good as they did it. When we told our parents that we wanted to come out to California, they were like, "That's a huge step to make." We talked about it for a long time, and then we did it. They've been so supportive. Especially my mom. She's amazing. I feel like I'm living a dream, especially when I get to do movies. And I get to be on a big screen. And people actually go watch the movies. I think that's really cool."

" Iz Frankie sex-yo, or a fruit twizz-ho?"

" I think that Frankie's a really cool guy. And he's cute. I don't think I could say he was sexy. I've known him for a really long time. We're friends. He's not my type."

" Waz yer blood type, A?"

" I'm fifteen years old. I don't think I've found my type. Guys are really, really different than girls at this age. I think they're a little more immature. I don't know, just as long as they make me laugh. And they're cute. And they're smart. I don't like a guy who looks like he spent more time in front of the mirror than I do. That's very important."

" Howz ya actin' when dah spermz be reactin'?"

" I think it's cool. I will talk to anybody. If they come up and say, "Hey, I really like your show!" I get kind of scared when people flip out. I don't really know what to say. But it's cool to know people like me."

" Iz pee-nee spermz intimi'shee'datee to clock yer digitz'...Cause ah yer loochie?"

" I think so. I don't know. I don't go to regular school, so there aren't kids that come up to me and ask for my number. There are kids that come up to me in normal places and ask for my number. And I'm like, "No." I'm not going to give my number out to a random person. That's hard. People that I have given my cell phone number to will give my number out to all these people. And then people I don't even know will call me and say; "I like your show. Can we talk." I'm like, "I'm sorry, I hate to be mean. This is my personal cell phone." Like, what do I say? It's kind of hard. I will go up to someone if they notice me. I'm like, "What's up guys?" I don't know if that's what you were asking."

" Waz up wit dah Toon Dizney contravizzy?"

" What the deal was...I had this song out for awhile called "I Can't Wait." And it was on the Lizzie McGuire album that went Gold over Christmas time. That was cool, because it was a soundtrack. That was awesome. They said that the song was number one on Radio Disney for a couple weeks in a row. They kept saying that, "Oh, because she's on Disney Channel they just put her there." Actually, it was a really mean article that someone wrote. It had more to do with the fact that people don't like Disney, I guess. They kind of stuck me in the middle of it. I was like; it's funny that you pick on a kid my age because I'm on the Disney Channel. When Toon Disney does their charts, it's because people call in and vote on their website. I don't even know how they could say that stuff, because me and Avril Lavigne were going back and forth. She'd have it one week; I'd have it one week. You know? It was going back and forth. I try not to think about it."

" Sorry, d. Where'z ya at in five, six years, dog?"

" I have a dream project, but I don't know if it will be in five or six years. I think it would be cool to do something like How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days. Did you see that? I love that movie. That's something I'd like to do when I'm older, because it looks like so much fun. And a girl version of Cody Banks, I'm going to do that pretty soon. It's kind of like Charlie's Angels but with me and an older woman."

" Waz up wit Teenage Drama Queen?"

" It's been going back and forth for a long time. It changes everyday. I'm going to do it. I'm not going to do it. Then they switched studios. I don't even know if I'm going to do it now. It's been crazy."

" Iz ya listenin' tah any notes, yo?"

" Everything. I'm obsessed with BoomCat. Do you know who that is? Tara Manning's band. I'm obsessed with that. And I like Good Charlotte...And Blink 182, and Nickleback. Then I like stuff like Michele Branch and Avril..."

" Ya'll not kickin' it too much in Cody'z Bank. Any dizzapointments there?"

" I don't think I was disappointed. I love my character in the movie. She was such a cool girl in the movie. She was independent, because she didn't have a very strong family life. She was the parent in the family; she didn't have a mom. And she was the popular kid in school. Every guy wanted her; she was a really cool character. I did get to do a couple action scenes, like run up the side of a car. That was fun. I liked it."

" Iz ya'll gonna repeat the repeat show, ho?"

" No. I don't know. They never bring the girl back. Right? Maybe. I would love to. Maybe I can come back for a couple of scenes. Do a cameo."

" You'z dah only brittie that kilt ah bad hizzah in diz z?"

" Isn't that weird. I didn't really think about it while we where filming. Then I saw the movie, and I was like, "Dude, I killed someone." It was kind of weird. But we did it very tastefully."

" Which ya'll kick tasty biz? Telly, z, or notes?"

" That's such a hard question, because I like all of it. I want to do it all. But, I think I like the process of doing TV. Because it moves quickly. I like that fast pace. You come to set, you go to hair and make-up, you get changed, you do your scenes, you go to school. It's like really fast. I like that, but I like the product of movies so much more. And I like that you can do a character, and then you're done with it."

" Iz ya'll headed tah cooly high?"

" It seems far away, but know that I think about it, it's really not. I really need to start thinking about that. I like school. I'm not a kid that hates it. And I do think that I'm getting a good education, because it's just me and my teacher working one on one. College is really important, but if I have something lined up, I can always come back or take two years off."

" Ya'll like 'at big banner ah Lizzie on Westwood Medical, yo?"

" You know, I didn't even get to see it. We were doing Cody Banks. My friend took a picture of it. He said he was driving on the freeway and was like, "Whoa!" Because it's so big. But, I heard that some Governor thought it was distracting, because it was so colorful. I saw a picture of it, and it was pretty big."

" Where'z Lizzie shizzah' from hizzah?"

" I'm done. I'm done with that. I'm going to do more movies, but doing movies means going out of town so often. I want to be with my friends. Maybe in a few years, TV will be more important to me."

" Thiz'z dah laz' ah Lizzie?"

" There are four more episodes that are going to lead up to the movie. It doesn't show us graduating, but it shows us leaving middle school and going to high school. The movie picks up where the TV show leaves off. It's kind of like the graduation, and the graduating class goes to Rome. I actually get to sing and perform. It's not a TV movie. It's coming out in theaters. It comes out May 2nd. Then that's pretty much it for the TV show."

N' my breezie is out like a light. P's in luv, deep. What a cutie, z. Sheezah signed Sh*t's whore-notes wit a heart, and sh*tz. Sigh.

I'm 'onna getz me more free bay-kay and red bullz up inside 'at "Hospitality Sweet." Latez, G.


So, there you have it. Lil' Pimp-Sh*t's exciting day at the Celebrity Whore Shop. Just to clarify, I'm pretty sure he didn't ask these questions with such a lack or grasp of the English language. Actually, knowing my own experiences with the junket scene, Pimp probably didn't even ask these questions; but this is how he shot it over the email wire. I'm not going to mess with his narrative. That's not my job.


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