A lot has changed since the first season of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., which originally started with Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) putting a team together that included May (Ming-Na Wen), Skye (Chloe Bennet), Fitz (Iain De Caestecker), Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) and Ward (Brett Dalton). Today we have a new clip from tomorrow night's episode, "The Dirty Half Dozen", where the entire team is finally all back together. Of course, Ward can hardly be trusted anymore, and Skye is still dealing with her Inhuman abilities, but we'll have to see if they can manage to work together as a team once again.

"The Dirty Half Dozen" centers on Gonzales (Edward James Olmos) and Coulson, who must find a way to put their differences aside and work together against Hydra, even if it means teaming up with someone they don't trust. Guest stars for this episode include Henry Simmons as Alphonso "Mack" Mackenzie, Ruth Negga as Raina, Henry Goodman as Dr. List, J. August Richards as Deathlok/Mike Peterson, Kyle MacLachlan as Cal, Jamie Harris as Gordon, Christine Adams as Agent Weaver, Mark Allan Stewart as Agent Oliver, Maya Stojan as Kara/Agent 33, Dichen Lachman as Jiaying, Luke Mitchell as Lincoln Campbell and Chad Cleven as Hydra tac agent.

After "The Dirty Half Dozen", there are only three more Season 2 episodes left, with "Scars" airing on Tuesday, May 5 and the two-part season finale, "S.O.S. Part 1" and "S.O.S. Part 2", both airing on Tuesday, May 12. Along with this new clip, we also have new photos from "The Dirty Half Dozen", which you can check out below the video. Do you think tomorrow night's episode could be the first step in the whole team working together in Season 3? Let us know what you think below.

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