In a rare move, an actor has come forward to state that he is not a fan of the genre he is currently working in. Aidan Turner, who plays Kili the Dwarf in Peter Jackson's upcoming prequel The Hobbit doesn't much care for fantasy films, but he does acknowledge that The Lord of the Rings trilogy is a masterpiece of storytelling.

Turner recently spoke out about appearing in the next installment of the Rings mythos, confirming that he is headed off to Hobbit boot camp soon.

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Here is what Aidan had to say:

"We're all off to Hobbit boot camp. I'm not sure what it entails but I think it lasts a few weeks and gets us all fit for filming. I saw (The Lord of the Rings trilogy) at the cinema. It's not my favorite genre but they are all masterpieces."

When asked how being a part of The Hobbit legacy might change his life, Turner replied:

'I don't speculate too much about the future. That's the thing about this job - it's so fickle. You take the jobs, you read the scripts and, if something interests you and you like the people who are working on it, you go for it. If not, you take a break. I could be back in Ireland, Britain or America afterwards. It's so variable but very exciting."