Alien vs. Predator: According to Variety, the popular Ain't-It-Cool-News was recently bamboozled into posting fake reviews of Fox's upcoming Alien vs. Predator.

Members of became aware of a recent screening of the pic in Long Beach, Calif., and, using information available online, wrote three fake reviews -- without having seen the film.

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Ain't-It-Cool quickly posted them, along with two reviews that appear to be real. then revealed the plot in a long post on its Web site -- along wiith racist invectives and personal attacks on Ain't-It-Cool West Coast editor Drew McWeeny, who removed the reviews soon thereafter.

But Ain't-It-Cool still has no plans to start playing by Hollywood's rules.

"There's a democracy to what we do that gives a voice to the average filmgoer, even people who get excited in a theater and write for the first time," McWeeny tells Variety. "If this becomes a continuing issue, though, we'll scale back to just people who have a history with us."