The cast of Quentin Tarantino's highly-anticipated Once Upon a Time in Hollywood has just added a Hollywood legend, with Al Pacino coming aboard to join the cast. Pacino will be portraying Marvin Schwanz, a fictional talent agent who represents Leonardo DiCaprio's character, former TV icon Rick Dalton. With this cast getting bigger and bigger, there is no official word yet on how many major characters have still yet to be cast.

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood centers on Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) and his longtime stunt double Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt), who, in the summer of 1969, find themselves struggling in a much different Hollywood than they've been used to. Dalton was once the star of a massively popular Western TV series, but now he's struggling to find work. The plot thickens when he gets a new next door neighbor, rising star Sharon Tate (Margot Robbie). Tate was one of four victims who were brutally murdered by members of the Manson Family on August 9, 1969, which rocked Hollywood to its core.

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There is no indication yet if Al Pacino's character Marvin Schwanz is based on an actual talent agent from that era, but it could be possible since many of the cast members will be playing real-life characters. While Rick Dalton and Cliff Booth are fictional characters, Burt Reynolds has come aboard to play George Spahn, the elderly man who let the Manson Family stay at his ranch, which was previously used for filming Western movies, while Damian Lewis, who came aboard yesterday, is playing screen icon Steve McQueen.

Emile Hirsch has also signed on to play Jay Sebring, a Hollywood hairstylist who was close friends with both Sharon Tate and Steve McQueen, who was one of the four people killed by the Manson Family. McQueen was actually invited to come to Tate's home on Cileo Drive that night, but he declined. Tate shared the home with her husband Roman Polanski, although he was in London scouting locations for a film when the murders happened. Dakota Fanning is playing Squeaky Fromme, one of the Manson Family members, who would later try to assassinate President Gerald Ford.

Quentin Tarantino will be directing Luke Perry as Scotty Lancer, Clifton Collins Jr. as Ernesto the Mexican Vaquero, Nicholas Hammond as director Sam Wanamaker and Keith Jefferson as Land Pirate Keith. The cast is rounded out by Kurt Russell, Timothy Olyphant, Tim Roth, Zoe Bell and Michael Madsen in unspecified roles. Production is slated to begin this summer, with Sony Pictures setting an August 9, 2019 release date, which is the 50th Anniversary of the Sharon Tate murders. As of now, it will only be going up against Disney's Artemis Fowl in theaters, but that may change as we get closer to the release date. Al Pacino most recently played embattled Penn State football coach Joe Paterno in the HBO movie Paterno, and he will next be seen in Netflix's highly-anticipated The Irishman, where he plays union leader Jimmy Hoffa. Variety reported on Pacino's casting earlier today.