Al Pacino is in talks for the lead role in Blink, an adaptation of Malcolm Gladwell's nonfiction bestseller that Stephen Gaghan (Traffic) is writing and directing.

According to The Hollywood Reporter's Risky Biz Blog, several younger actors are circling the other lead part.

Gaghan's script will center on the relationship between an older man (Pacino) and the twentysomething son he was never close to. The two reconnect early on in the film, and the boy, an idealistic drifter who's teaching in a downtown New York school, and the father, a finance type living in Connecticut, must navigate their new relationship.

The son has a special gift: that Blink thing going -- he can size up people and situations on a dime. The Pacino character spots this, and both wants to help the boy find himself and use him to make some dough on Wall Street.

No production date has been set.