According to Variety, Al Pacino is going to nod hello to his little friends in the vidgame world. The thesp is lending his likeness though not his voice to an upcoming vidgame based on Scarface, in which gamers will play Tony Montana trying to rebuild his criminal empire after the end of the film.

While Pacino is the only actor from the 1983 film that players will see in the game, Steven Bauer and Robert Loggia, who both had major roles in the pic, are lending their voices to new characters.

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Actors signed to play new characters in the game include James Woods, Jay Mohr, Cheech Marin, Michael Rapaport, Michael York, Miguel Sandoval and Robert Davi.

Though VUG wasn't able to make a deal for Pacino to perform his voice, the Tony Montana character in the game was modeled on thesp's look and performance in the film. Voice work is being done by a low-profile actor the publisher declined to name.