Disney has released a new clip and TV spot for the live-action Aladdin remake, both of which lean heavily into Will Smith's Genie. This is the second such remake that Disney has coming down the pipeline this year, with Tim Burton's take on Dumbo hitting theaters this past March to a bit of a mixed response. They've also got Jon Favreau's The Lion King on the way in July, which seems like a surefire box office behemoth. Aladdin, meanwhile, seems like something of a wild card. These new bits of footage may wind up swaying potential moviegoers, one way or the other.

Both the clip and the TV spot are very grandiose. Starting with the clip, we get to see Will Smith's Genie, in his human form, performing a new version of the song Prince Ali, which was made famous in the 1992 animated classic. The footage is extremely colorful and the sequence mirrors the same scene from the animated version of Aladdin. Smith brings some of his sensibilities to the tune, but it's surprisingly not all that different. Though, he doesn't quite bellow the song in such a big way, when compared to the way Robin Williams performed it. There is a noticeable lack of energy.

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The TV spot focuses heavily on the transformation of Aladdin (Mena Massoud) into a prince, so that he may win the affection of Princess Jasmine (Naomi Scott). Again, we see a ton of Will Smith and what he's going to bring to Genie. It's still got that zany, haphazard quality. But it's very clear that director Guy Ritchie was leaning into Smith's personality and let him do something new with it. Also present here, much like the clip, is the grand scape. Everything is extremely colorful. If nothing else, this is certainly going to be a big movie.

Ultimately, those who aren't already sold on Will Smith's blue Genie, which was subject to a great deal of scrutiny upon the initial reveal, probably aren't going to be swayed by these new bits of footage. That said, Disney has done a decent job, it would seem, of turning the negative tide at least a bit. The more recent spots have made the movie seem like much more fun and far less jarring than the early trailers painted it to be. But will that translate to success at the box office?

Disney previously has had a great deal of success with these adaptations, with Beauty and the Beast crossing the $1 billion mark worldwide and The Jungle Book getting very near that mark. Aladdin, which is set to hit theaters on May 24, is currently tracking for around $80 million on opening weekend, which would represent a solid start. Much of this could depend on whether or not critics respond to it. Be sure to check out the clip and the new TV spot from the Walt Disney Studios YouTube channel below.