The latest look at Aladdin gives a pretty comprehensive look at the live-action adaptation. Disney has released a short teaser for the movie, which hits theaters next month, and for the record, Will Smith's Genie has not really changed, so this is more than likely the finished version the studio has been talking about since the backlash over the character started. Many Disney fans were scared of what they saw when Disney unveiled Smith's take on the Genie and they went on social media to air their grievances.

While the new Aladdin footage isn't really going to sway those fans who are bummed on how Will Smith looks as the Genie, it does tease a pretty epic adventure that seems to get better with every new look. In addition to Smith's Genie, Naomi Scott's Princess Jasmine, Abu the monkey, and Mena Massoud's Aladdin are all featured in the teaser. Jasmine doesn't seem too happy about Aladdin sneaking into the palace, but he later begins to change her mind as he says, "If you don't have anything, you have to act like you own everything."

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Elsewhere in the new Aladdin footage, Marwan Kenzari's Jafar is leading Aladdin on the adventure of his life to find a mystical lamp deep within a monstrous cave. We all know how it works out, but it looks like director Guy Ritchie brought some of his style to the action, which should help to separate it from the beloved animated original. Disney fans have been worried about some of these live-action remakes being carbon copies of the animated originals, but Aladdin seems to be going off in a new direction, especially with the Genie.

Will Smith is attempting to pull off his own version of the Aladdin Genie, which is a wise decision. Jumping into Robin Williams' shoes is not an easy task, especially with that particular role. Smith obviously knows this and is going about trying to carve out his own original version and some Disney fans are either going to love it or they're going to hate it. However, this adaptation may end up being the first time kids of a certain age are introduced to the story and that means Will Smith will be the first Genie they've ever seen.

Aladdin hits theaters on May 24th and expectations are high for the remake. Tim Burton's Dumbo failed to make a big splash at the box office and there are some fears that the Genie backlash will hurt the movie's chances in theaters, but we really won't know until it opens. After Aladdin, Disney is releasing The Lion King remake, which has also seen some controversy over the past few months over the live-action debate and for being an exact copy of the original. Director Jon Favreau and the studio claim the movie will set itself apart from the original. While we wait for Aladdin to hit theaters, you can check out the new teaser below, thanks to the Walt Disney Studios YouTube channel.