The latest looks at Aladdin put the focus on the importance of self-confidence. Previous peeks at the movie have been telling more of the story, but Disney is starting to branch out a little bit in their promotional campaign as the release date nears. The live-action remake has seen a bit of a backlash over the last few months over the look of Will Smith's Genie, but that all seems to be dying down as the movie comes closer to hitting theaters.

The two new TV spots don't offer up a whole lot in terms of new footage from Aladdin, but there are a few scenes revolving around trust and believing in one self. There's an epic shot of Jafar looking angry and Will Smith's Genie takes a back seat for the most part. Though he does want to do something about having Abu the monkey around all of the time, which Abu obviously objects to.

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Will Smith was recently interviewed about Aladdin and called it the most fun he's ever had working on a movie. However, that doesn't mean there weren't challenges in tackling such an that iconic character Robin Williams made famous. Smith has said before it was intimidating, and he doubled down on those comments in a new interview. He had this to say.

"I watched the original and Robin, he just destroyed that thing. It was so intimidating. The only thing that I latched onto was the idea that it was going to be live action... I knew that left a little bit of room. He revolutionized what you could do in these types of films. He really changed using modern references and things like that."

Will Smith went on to talk about how much he enjoyed working with director Guy Ritchie on the live-action Aladdin remake. "This is such a beautiful, beautiful movie. Guy Ritchie did a great job," the actor said about working with Ritchie. Smith went on to say, "There's such an edge to it. I can, in good conscience, encourage you to go see this one." Hopefully Disney fans take Smith's advice to go see the movie. The first bit of marketing did not go as well as the studio was hoping it would.

Tim Burton's Dumbo also came out this year and did not get the response the studio was probably hoping for. With that being said, this is Aladdin we're talking about here. It's one of the most beloved Disney movies ever, which makes it incredibly difficult to remake and give fans a new perspective. When all is said and done, there's a lot of people who wish the studio wouldn't even bother, while there are others who are looking forward to seeing the movie in a new light from a different perspective. While we wait for the movie to hit theaters, you can check out the two new TV spots below, thanks to the Walt Disney Studios YouTube channel.

Aladdin poster #1
Aladdin poster #2