Production begins in India this month on the Aladdin 3477 movie, before moving on to numerous exotic locales throughout Southern Asia. Loosely adapted from the classic Arabian Nights tale, Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp, this live-action version is set 1,500 years into the future. The movie is directed by Star Wars artist Matthew Busch and is produced by Kaleidoscope Koi Entertainment, LLC. We have the first video production blog and new concept art for you to check out. Read on for more details about this project.

Aladdin 3477 Poster
Aladdin 3477 Concept Art Photo 1
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This futuristic version of Aladdin 3477 will be nothing like Disney's 1992 animated feature, says Matthew Busch.

"There's no singing and no dancing. This version stems more from the original story, which is much darker in tone. The visuals will look more like Star Wars, mixed with Eastern culture, Hindu mythology and Asian design motifs."

Matthew Busch plans to shoot as much live-action elements as possible before compositing a slew of practical and CG effects.

The first step in amassing such an epic project will be pre-production filming overseas for nearly a month. Matthew Busch elaborates.

"This trip will first serve as inspiration in refining the script. Second, to scout locations for future shooting. Last but not least, we'll be filming background plates to work with for compositing and animation."

Aladdin 3477 will film in nearly a dozen countries, however the majority of this particular journey will be spent in India, Thailand, the Kingdom of Cambodia, and China.

Matthew Busch is mostly known as a high-profile illustrator, but spent most of the '90s working on big Hollywood films like The Matrix. In 2006, Matthew Busch's own directorial debut, Conjure, became the highest pre-selling DVD of all-time, according to Since then, he has produced dozens of short films and documentaries for Lucasfilm, and DC Comics. The Aladdin 3477 movie is a culmination of several projects that Matthew Busch has had in development for over 20 years. He began the initial idea for his magnum opus during the time he was studying illustration and film at the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles.

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