Alamo Drafthouse has started a curbside pickup service for food and alcoholic beverages. The move comes after they had already been offering a digital service for people stuck indoors. Movie theaters across North America are shut down for time being and it is uncertain when they'll be able to open their doors again, if at all. As of this writing, it looks like AMC is in danger of possibly being closed for good.

While looking at the current landscape, Alamo Drafthouse is experimenting with new revenue streams in order to keep the business going, while offering a valuable service to the public. For now, the Austin Texas location is offering curbside pickup of meal kits, cocktail kits, beer, wine, some grocery items, and pantry items. In addition, customers will receive a free and random DVD, along with hand-printed letterpress coasters by the Press Room. Some of the grocery items include burgers, chicken, hot dogs, eggs, milk, and bread.

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Alamo Drafthouse customers have been instructed to place their orders online, where they are given a number. They then provide the year and make of their vehicle and a time to come pick up their goods. From there, an employee will come out to the car and place the items in the trunk of the car, maintaining social distancing the entire time. While this is only currently available at the Austin location, the chain was pleasantly surprised with how popular it has been and are already looking into ways to expand it to other locations all over the country.

As for when Alamo Drafthouse will get the curbside pickup going in other locations is unclear at the moment. Whatever the case may be, this seems to be a pretty decent service for people who do not want to head into a grocery store and who also want to support Alamo Drafthouse during this difficult time. Many restaurants across the country have been able to keep their doors open by providing curbside pickup. States have allowed restaurants to serve alcohol to go, which people seem to be pretty happy about.

Alamo Drafthouse is currently still doing their digital service to fans, offering up their curated "Terror Tuesday" or "Weird Wednesday" titles on a weekly basis for $7.75. Also included in these features is all of their original pre-show entertainment. With the entertainment industry in limbo, studios and theater chains are having to think outside of the box to stay afloat. There is not end in sight as people remain stuck in their homes waiting for updates. California has ordered residents to keep staying at home until at least May 15th and other states will more than likely follow suit. You can check out Alamo Drafthouse's Twitter announcement about their curbside pickup service below.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick