If you miss old school video rental stores, the Alamo Drafthouse is coming to the rescue. Starting next year at their new North Carolina location, the theater chain is opening a new video rental store called Video Vortex. Not only will patrons be able to rent Blu-ray and DVD titles, but the store will offer thousands of titles on VHS as well. Not just for nostalgia purposes, mind you, but the store will feature tons of titles that can only be seen on VHS that never made it to digital formats. This sounds like a dream come true for those who miss the local video store experience.

As cool as watching old VHS titles may sound, many movie lovers don't own a VCR anymore. Fear not, as the Texas based theater chain Alamo Drafthouse has that covered as well. Video Vortex, which gets its name from a series of programming at the theater chain, will also rent VCRs to those who want to take advantage of the VHS selection. The store will also provide renters with the equipment for RCA adapters free of charge. Joseph A. Ziemba, who curates the Video Vortex series for the Alamo Drafthouse, had this to say about the new video rental store opening up next year.

"It gives me hope for humanity to see Video Vortex grow from a series at the Alamo to an actual video store. VHS is still the only way to see hundreds of forgotten genre movies. But in this era of rare tapes selling for insane amounts of money, Video Vortex will make them easily accessible for everyone in the Raleigh film community."

In addition to the many Blu-ray, DVD and VHS titles, Video Vortex will also feature a selection of Blu-ray movies for sale, movie merchandise, and Mondo releases, which makes sense, since the Alamo Drafthouse owns Mondo. In any case, this sounds like a dream come true for hardcore movie nuts. In case those spoiled by modern convenience are worried that trips back-and-forth to the video store could make this more complicated than its worth don't need to be concerned. Reportedly, patrons of Video Vortex can return rentals on their next trip to the location, though there's no specific indication if there will be a time limit on that, or, you can just mail DVDs and Blu-rays back to the shop with a return envelope.That makes things pretty easy.

There's no word on whether or not there will be annoying late fees like Blockbuster used to charge, but it sounds like the Alamo Drafthouse is trying to avoid making Video Vortex a headache. According to Variety's report, Video Vortex will launch at the upcoming Alamo Drafthouse 11-screen location in Raleigh, North Carolina. At the present time, it isn't clear if the theater chain plans to expand Video Vortex to other locations around the country, but if this first store is successful, one has to imagine that's on the table.

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Ryan Scott