Alamo: Lot's 'o news from Texas today, the site of the future film shoot for the Ron Howard film. Lights Out has received word that Russell Crowe has officially been cast in the film (despite no formal press release... Damn we're good!) and has also learned that the film, which was scheduled to start on September third, will now be starting somewhere closer to December. The reason, we speculate, is that Crowe will be unable to complete his work on Peter Weir's epic The Far Side of the World in time.

Crowe has been spotted in Texas quite a bit in the last few years... in fact, in 2000, Crowe was made an honorary Texan by the state Governor Rick Perry. Two years running saw August 11th declared as "Thirty Odd Foot Of Grunts" Day in Austin, after Crowe and the band went there to record an album. Crowe also held a special premiere for Texans of his last film, A Beautiful Mind (which hits DVD today!)

During his frequent visit's, Crowe is said to have been, "very gracious to his fans, signing autographs and joking with us when possible."

LOE has also learned that Ethan Hawke is also on board... Again, despite no formal press release. Now we sit back and wait for the studio to confirm. : - P

Thanks to: ElizaCappsFoster.

Bob Dylan @ A Theater Near You: Good 'ol Bob Dylan (yes, that one) will star in Masked & Anonymous as (guess what?) an aging rock star. Here's the kicker though... A truckload of Hollywood stars are signing on for scale! (Scale means that they'll all make what Joe Blow or, Jane Doe if you will, would make for one day's work... somewhere near $700 bucks). Who signed on, you ask? Here's a list:

Penelope Cruz, Jeff Bridges,Christian Slater, Val Kilmer, Jessica Lange, Mickey Rourke and John Goodman. Wow.

Franchise Pictures: Ah, Franchise. Purveyor's of great entertainment. Producers of such brilliant cinematic achievments as Angel Eyes, Battlefield Earth, and Driven, have given the go-ahead to a follow-up to their (one) hit film The Whole Nine Yards. Bruce Willis is attached to reprise his role. No word on Matthew Perry, though if the trailer tells us anything, he'll need a hit after Serving Sara hits the multiplex. Poor, Matt. He needs a better agent.

Shrek 2: Monty Python and now Bond alum John Cleese will led his voice to the sequel of the hit Dreamworks film. He'll join returning voices Mike Meyers, Cameron Diaz and Eddie Murphy. Diaz is reportedly getting $20 mil for ten day's work. Ouch!

...and now, what you've all been waiting for...

Jane's New Bit!

I'm starting up a new feature. Celebrity Sightings! will be an opportunity for you to Email me with your celebrity encounters. Where were you? What were they up to? Did you talk to them? Hit me with your brush with fame. I'll compile a group of 'em and post them in my column! The more I get, the longer the bit runs. I'm starting it off, so here goes...

Friday, June 21st. 10:30 showing of Minority Report in Westwood, California. Spotted in line: Colin Hanks (Orange County), along with Jake Kasdan (director of Orange County and the vastly underrated The Zero Effect). Mike White, (co-writer of Orange County, and writer of L.A. Filmfest's Closing Night film The Good Girl, which stars Jennifer Aniston).

Friday, June 21st. Same movie. Same theater. Lobby snack stand. Janusz Kaminski (two time Oscar winning cinematographer, and the man who shot Minority Report).

There we go... the rest is up to you dear readers. Until next time.

From Somewhere on the Beach...~Jane Doe