This week, Stax, over at IGN's Filmforce has been pumping out the latest goods on The Alamo. First with his latest Ron Howard in-again-out-again directing status and now he's come through with the very review of The Alamo script!

This draft opens with a series of brief but effective vignettes set before the Texas Revolution that introduce us to Houston, Crockett, Bowie, Travis, and, finally, to Santa Anna. Each vignette provides a "nutshell" depiction of the characters: Houston leaves the Tennessee governor's office in disgrace; congressman Crockett, a legend in his own time, watches his "adventures" being performed on-stage; Jim Bowie is in a vicious brawl; Travis ditches his pregnant wife in Alabama because he's going to be incarcerated for outstanding debts; and Santa Anna orders the execution of dozens of captured Tejano rebels. These vignettes pull you right into the broader story that follows.{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}There are intermittent voice-overs provided by (somewhat sketchy) supporting characters that serve as the eyes and ears of history. There's Jesus Montoya, a young Mexican peasant violently conscripted into Santa Anna's army who provides the Mexican point-of-view from start to finish; Matt, a young Anglo who runs off to join the rebellion; and Joe, Travis' black manservant who witnesses the battle of the Alamo. For all of his many bad actions, Santa Anna did outlaw slavery in Mexico so the Texans' black slaves stood to be liberated if the Mexicans won. (There's a good scene where some of the slaves discuss how they can avoid being slaughtered should the Mexicans finally strike.)

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Tons news spewing from Ain't It Cool today...check it out:

The Hulk: A scooper has written in about the possibility of a female Hulk in Ang Lee's latest.

There is apparently a "female hulk" that appears briefly in ang lee's hulk. Briefly, because she is subjected to too much gamma radiation and dies shortly afterwards. she is like the "prototype" to the real hulk. However, this could be good. imagine it: some mundane female lab assistant going from a 36B to 38DD in a startling hulk "transformation" scene.

8 Mile: The first review of the Eminem film is now online at AICN! CLICK HERE to check it out!

Another remake of The Blob: Moriarty over at AICN picked on this little tidbit this week...

Jon Peters just got the rights to remake THE BLOB again, and he’s looking to do it in the vein of GHOSTBUSTERS or MEN IN BLACK. Look for them to announce a writer/director in the weeks ahead.

Dawn of The Dead Remake:Webwombat got ahold of this tidbit regarding the dreaded Dawn Of The Dead remake:

Web Wombat can exclusively reveal that Diane Lane is being considered for the new big-budget horror remake of Dawn of the Dead. Seems you're no one in Hollywood at the moment if you've not been offered to head up a horror blockbuster - recent pluckings being Jessica Beil for The Texas Chainsaw Masscare and Naomi Watts, who nabbed the lead in Ring - and hence, Lane's career has come full circle.{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}Scribe James Gunn says if Lane - currently appearing in Unfaithful - doesn't mind getting her hands dirty or dress soaked in blood for that matter, he'd love to enlist her for his reworking of the horror classic. "After seeing her performance in Unfaithful, I'd like to put Diane Lane in DOTD," said Gunn. "Diane Lane is amazing in that movie and I'd love the chance to work with her."

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The Simpsons will go on!

After recent rumors that Matt Groening wanted to end the 14 year Simpsons series, he cleared up a few things in a recent statement:

The Simpsons" will continue to entertain TV audiences for years to come as far as creator Matt Groening is concerned. Speaking at a press conference at the Just For Laughs comedy festival in Montreal on Thursday, Groening shot down recent rumors that an end of the animated cult series was imminent. "The show will go on," he said, before jokingly adding, "Forever." Groening, who is an executive producer on the show, said rumors of the imminent demise of "Simpsons," which will enter its 14th season on Fox this fall, were a result of industry observers misinterpreting a recent comment from him. "All I said was that after 13 seasons, we are probably closer to the end of (the show) than to the beginning," he explained. But there were no immediate plans to stop producing the series, he added.

Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter & Coming Soon for the heads up.

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