Albert and Allen Hughes are re-exploring the themes of their 1999 documentary American Pimp with Gentlemen of Leisure, a drama series project for HBO.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Gentlemen of Leisure explores the world of prostitution through the eyes of a legendary pimp contemplating retirement. The series is set in Oakland, Calif., and will be written by Rescue Me co-executive producer Evan Reilly.

"It's about a guy who wants to get out but keeps getting sucked back in by the allure of the game and by extraneous circumstances that have to do with his family," Reilly said.

Gentlemen of Leisure will explore the generational conflict of old-school pimps living by honor codes and creeds who are being pushed aside by violent upstarts who are coming "with their guns blazing," mixing prostitution with drugs and thievery, Allen Hughes said.