Alcon Entertainment is developing the comedy Late Bloomer, based on the true story of a man who undergoes puberty in three weeks, according to Variety.

The 2001 book "Man Made: A Memoir" by Ken Baker, chronicles Baker's struggle with the effects of a benign tumor that rested against his pituitary gland, which delayed his puberty and normal development, causing him frustration and embarrassment. At age 27, a successful operation to remove the tumor restored him to hormonally normal masculinity, but resulted in his experiencing all the effects of puberty over an extremely condensed three-week period.

Baker is a news editor at E! Entertainment and has also been an entertainment reporter at People and US. Baker was profiled in a Dateline NBC segment following publication. Alcon acquired the rights in 2008 and optioned a screenplay written by Gary Rosen.

Alcon has hired new screenwriter Joe Nussbaum who has written an entirely new draft. That script is currently out to directors.