Alec Baldwin pleaded guilty in a New York courtroom to an altercation over a parking spot. In November of last year, the actor and Wojciech Cieszkowski were involved in a scuffle, with Cieszkowski alleging that Baldwin had punched him. Baldwin issued a statement claiming that he never punched the man, but did not deny the harassment or attempted assault charges, admitting that he did push the man. The actor, who has found new popularity playing President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live received a lot of negative press after the incident.

Alec Baldwin specifically pleaded guilty to a violation of harassment in the second degree with a conditional discharge and participation in a short-term anger management program, along with a fine of $120. There is no jail time or probation for Baldwin's case as there was no evidence that suggested that he punched Wojciech Cieszkowski. The attempted assault and harassment charges were dropped by the judge. Baldwin does not have a previous criminal record.

The actor will have to pay the $120 fine and offer proof of enrollment in the anger management courses by March 27th. It has also been revealed that pictures and video evidence of the parking lot incident will be destroyed, "by matter of law." According to witnesses, Alec Baldwin and Wojciech Cieszkowski were seen pushing each other with the actor claiming that he had a relative holding his parking spot for him. It is not clear if Cieszkowski was charges with anything for the part that he played in the incident.

Alec Baldwin has a reputation for having a bit of a temper. The actor was handcuffed by authorities in 2014 after he was pulled over for riding a bicycle on the wrong side of the road. He didn't have any identification on him at the time and refused to say who he was. Instead he yelled and cursed at the police officers, which resulted in Baldwin getting hauled in to the station. He later went on a social media tirade, even going as far as to reveal the arresting officer's name and badge number, while going off on the city of New York and the police department.

Back in 2011, Alec Baldwin was removed from a flight because he would not stop playing Words with Friends on his iPhone. Flight attendants tried to get the actor to turn off his cell phone so that they could take off, but the actor refused and the flight was delayed by an hour while he was kicked off the plane. The incident started another social media meltdown, but the actor has since deleted all of the tweets. It seems that Baldwin might get something out of those anger management classes that the court has ordered him to go to. The Hollywood Reporter was the first to announce the Alec Baldwin court news.