Spanish director Álex de la Iglesia will finally make his long-planned big-budget adaptation of Belgian comic film, which was set up at France's La Fabrique and Spain's Tornasol, according to Variety.

"Every time I talk about a project it doesn't get made." So he prefers to be stingy in revealing details about the film.

However, Álex de la Iglesia said financing is in place and he will shoot the new movie in Spain.

Though "terribly dramatic, but appearing a comedy," the new production resembles Spaniard Antonio Mercero's 1972 "La cabina," Álex de la Iglesia said. The absurdist "La cabina" turned on a man stuck in a phone box who never manages to get out.

film will head into production after the promo blitz for Álex de la Iglesia' The Last Circus ends.