Joel Silver is one of the most outspoken, successful, popular and legendary film producers of all time. His resume reads like a "who's who" of some of the most beloved films of the last thirty years including 48 Hours, Lethal Weapon, Predator, The Matrix, V For Vendetta and last year's extremely successful Sherlock Holmes. We recently had the opportunity to speak with producer Alex Heineman, who works with Silver, and he discussed some of the upcoming projects that they are developing for the future.

"Well, there are two companies, Dark Castle and Silver Pictures," Heineman explained. "On the Dark Castle side we have a movie called Unknown White Male, which actually just finished shooting last week with Liam Neeson, January Jones and Diane Kruger and that's a thriller by Jaume Collet-Serra who did Orphan and House of Wax for Joel. On the Silver Pictures side we are developing Logan's Run and Hot Wheels, Heineman continued. "We're really focused on those two but we're always looking for new stuff and we are doing Sherlock Holmes 2. That looks like something that will come together." Curious, we followed up by asking the producer what they plan to do with Hot Wheels, which is of course based on the popular children's toy from the '80s. "That's a tough one to figure out but we're working on it. Obviously it has to be different from The Fast and the Furious, Speed Racer or Transformers and you have to figure out a way that makes sense to make a movie from the property. It doesn't have a mythology like Transformers had but we're trying to figure out a way into it.

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We finished by asking Heineman what the company's plans are with the Logan's Run remake? "I mean the original is such a dated movie when you look at it now so I think that the concept in that movie is really interesting. The book is actually a lot different than the movie that was made in the '70s so we're trying to figure out a real cool way into that. I think the storyline, when you watch the '70s movie is very of the time not only by the effects and the look of it but also the way the story was told. We're trying to do a new way into it that is exciting. We have a couple scripts that actually have some good stuff. For us it's really all about a filmmaker and a lot of filmmakers are interested and really love the movie so it's really about finding a director for it that has a vision that makes sense. It's a hard one for sure," he finished.

We'll have more information on these exciting upcoming projects as they become available.