Time Inc. Studios and XYZ Films are producing a biopic of famed car designer John DeLorean. According to Variety, House of Saddam director Alex Holmes has been tapped to helm the film, which will focus on the crime aspects of the maverick carmaker's life.

In the film, Holmes will tell how DeLorean's glamour life came crashing down around him once he was caught up in an FBI drug trafficking sting. The director hopes to create a thriller with a tragic hero at its center. Holmes stated, "As a kid, John DeLorean seemed an almost mythic figure to me. His dreams brought him head to head with both the British and American establishment, and they destroyed him."

DeLorean's son Zachary will work closely with the producers to give an accurate account of the man's life. Some of the script will also be based on DeLorean's unpublished memoirs, articles from Fortune and Time, as well as Hillel Levin's book Grand Delusions. In a statement, Zachery DeLorean stated, "There are other producers out there trying to make a movie about my father, but this is the only one I'm standing behind, and the only one the DeLorean estate is allowing."

The film does not have a set start date at this time.