Fans of Magic Mike have wondered what became of Channing Tatum's co-star and on-screen progeny Alex Pettyfer. He is no where to be seen in Magic Mike XXL. And now we learn, that happened with good reason. Alex Pettyfer has finally opened up about his longtime feud with leading man Channing Tatum. And that his bad reputation and his inability to pay rent have contributed to his former co-star hating his guts.

Alex Pettyfer appeared on Bret Easton Ellis'podcast to discuss the rumors surrounding his very bad behavior. He wanted to clear the air, and clarify some of what has been said about him in the press. He claims he never burned his house down. And he also says that he never expressed a loud outburst of anger on the set of Magic Mike after learning that his co-stars were making more money than he was. Though, he admits that he walked far away from the production to scream out his frustrations. Apparently, he was so loud, those working on set that day still heard his cries of resentment.

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The rumor that is true? Channing Tatum is not his friend. And reports that they did not get along on set have been confirmed. Alex Pettyfer explains.

"Channing Tatum does not like me. For many reasons. Many being my own fault."

Director Steven Soderbergh actually approached Alex Pettyfer about co-starring in Magic Mike after hearing about some of his bad behavior. Channing Tatum, whose life story the movie is based on, felt that the actor's reputation might be a business risk. And he had reason to worry, as Tatum was a producer, and putting up his own money to help fund the project. About that, Alex Pettyfer had this to say.

"I had a very negative past relating to the things that I had done on movies and promotion of movies. And Channing Tatum is an extraordinarily smart businessman. I think he probably didn't want to get into a conflict with Steven and so I was cast."

Alex Pettyfer says that he was made aware of Channing Tatum's feelings, and because of that, he stayed away from his producer and co-star, in a move that did appear to be standoffish. That only worked against him in the long run. Pettyfer went onto reveal the following.

"I didn't speak on the movie [set]. I was scared to speak. I did my work and then I sat in the corner and listened to music because I'd been told that anything I do was wrong by my reps and I was very insecure as a human being. That also gave me a bad rep because they said, 'Oh Alex thinks he's f-ing better than everybody else because he doesn't speak to anyone.' And that's not true. I was genuinely nervous and scared to be myself."

Following the movie, Alex Pettyfer says that he rented out a New York apartment owned by a friend of Channing Tatum. But he didn't stay long, claiming that terrible mold and dust allergies made the living conditions unbearable. At the time of his exit he was required to pay four months' worth of rent. He takes full blame for not paying, and says it was his responsibility to do so, no matter what his complaints were. The actor goes onto claim that the death of a cousin caused a distraction in his life, and he simply forgot to pay the rent that was owed.

"I all of a sudden got a very negative email from Channing, rightfully so, saying, 'Don't f- my friends. You owe money. Pay the f-ing money. Don't be a clown.'"

Alex Pettyfer asked for a moment of respect, but was in turn repeatedly hounded for the cash. He ultimately decided not to pay the debt. He goes onto say that, in retrospect, he should have sent a check. And it was the perfect thing for Channing Tatum to latch onto, because he was desperate for a good reason not to like his younger co-star. After the incident, Alex Pettyfer was required to return to the Magic Mike set for reshoots, and when he arrived, he discovered that everyone working on the production was against him.

"[Channing] had already told everyone he didn't like me. And what Channing says goes because he's a movie star. He's incredible. He's done so well for himself."

Alex Pettyfer won't talk about what happened with Magic Mike XXL and why he was not asked to come back for the sequel. But it's very clear that the production did not want him returning in any capacity. There were never any plans to have his character make any sort of appearance. Reps for Channing Tatum refused to respond. What do you think about all this? Will it have you viewing the original Magic Mike in a different light?