Universal is producing a new, wholly original take on the Dracula mythos. This new Vlad the Impaler docudrama will be an origin story. According to Variety, I, Robot director Alex Proyas is set to take the reigns of this updated thriller, entitled Dracula Year Zero.

The film is just one of many Vlad projects that are currently in the works at various studios. The script will revolve around a younger Vlad, showing him when he was much more vital. The new movie will also explore Vlad's heroic roots in Romania's subculture. He did fend off the Turks, after all.

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Dracula Year Zero is one of several monster movies that Universal is currently working on. They have also set up a third installment of the The Mummy franchise and a Wolf Man remake starring Benicio Del Toro.

There is no word on when the project would go before the camera.