A new take on Dracula is in motion and director Alex Proyas doesn't want garlic on his "stake." MTV Movies Blog recently chatted with Proyas about his upcoming film, Dracula Year Zero, and revealed some of which elements of this classic horror character will be involved in his take, and some that won't.

He said his film is the, "sort of the origin tale that mixes [the historical] Prince Vlad of Transylvania with sort of [fictionalized] Bram Stoker [take]." Of the many unique elements of this character, he said his take will certainly have bite.

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"Oh, you've got to have teeth," Proyas exclaimed. "I mean, the teeth are really important. I think Frank Langella in the 'Dracula' movie that was made in the 70s, I think he didn't want to have teeth in the movie. But, no, I like the teeth. I want to see girls with a lot of teeth."

Dracula's krypontie-like reaction to garlic, however, doesn't seem to play a part here.

"I think the garlic thing is kind of weird," Proyas laughed.

While Proyas wouldn't comment on Dracula's ability to transform into a bat in his reboot, he did add these inclusions: "Stakes and teeth. And we're lots and lots of blood!"

A release date for Dracula Year Zero hasn't been set yet.