Bill & Ted franchise star Alex Winter bought food and groceries for many of his fans, joining the growing list of celebrities doing their part to help others in desperate need of assistance. With businesses by and large shutting down and leaving many people out of work with an unclear future, millions have been affected with many facing serious financial stress during these uncertain times. Though stimulus checks are on the way for Americans, those short on cash and food are currently left to figure out how they'll be able to get through the next few days without going hungry.

Seeing an opportunity to help out, the Bill & Ted star turned to Twitter to offer some cash assistance to his followers. "If you're in dire need of groceries I opened my [direct messages] for a little while, so DM me a Venmo account and I'll help who I can," Winter tweeted this weekend, encouraging fans to send along their information so he could transfer some money to them directly. Winter later turned off his direct messages, which were undoubtedly filled with requests for help, though he noted he "got everyone" in a follow-up tweet. "Be well and safe out there," the Bill & Ted star adds alongside a prayer emoji.

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Though he's appeared in several movies like The Lost Boys, Death Wish 3, and Freaked, Winter is perhaps best known for his performance as Bill S. Preston, Esq. in the 1989 comedy Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and its 1991 sequel Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey. Alongside Keanu Reeves as Theodore "Ted" Logan, the movies star the two fan favorite actors as a pair of teenage slackers and aspiring musicians whose music will one day change humanity forever. From visiting historical figures in the past to literally traversing through Heaven and Hell, Bill and Ted make every moment of their adventures enjoyable with their iconic portrayals from Winter and Reeves.

After nearly three decades, we'll finally see Winter and Reeves back as the titular duo with the release of the new sequel Bill & Ted Face the Music. As of now, the movie is slated to be premiered on Aug. 21, 2020, but although the sequel has already wrapped filming, a delayed release date seems possible in light of recent events. Many major releases set for this spring and summer have already been pushed back with movie theaters shutting down, meaning there's a good chance the same might happen with Bill & Ted Face the Music. Of course, this will likely depend on how the next several weeks play out, giving us a better idea of what the summer will be like.

It's not unusual to see the stars of the Bill & Ted series doing what they can to help people out. Reeves is similarly well-known for his charitable contributions, and the two even invited a young fan to the set of Bill & Ted 3 during production to spend the day with them through the Make-a-Wish program. Bill and Ted might be wonderful, but Winter and Reeves are perhaps even more so. Meanwhile, those of us with the means to help others should consider doing the same with so many people out there in need of assistance. This news comes to us from Alex Winter on Twitter.