Last time we heard anything regarding the highly-anticipated sequel Bill & Ted 3 was back in November, when Dean Parisot signed on to direct. Alex Winter revealed recently that the script, written by Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson, is undergoing another rewrite. Here's what the actor had to say, revealing that there only seems to be a "hold up" with the project because the news leaked so early.

"Well the funny thing is there really isn't a hold up. Nothing held it up other than it got leaked really early in the process, so these things take a shitload of time to get bobbed around and we are really just in the process. It's really mundane to report the day-to-day process of trying to get a movie made. 'Right now they're doing a rewrite?' You know? That's my news, 'they are doing a rewrite.' That will take a while and then we will look at it and that might need another rewrite and that will be my next bit of news. So it's just like... The short answer is it got leaked way too early. It got leaked just as we started, me and Keanu (Reeves) and Chris and Ed, the two writers just started to put it together. Then you've got the whole genesis of putting it together in front of you still, which is where we are at now."
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Ironically, Alex Winter himself revealed almost exactly one year ago that they love the script and are working on securing a green light. The actor also spoke about the state of movie journalism, how information moves faster and faster, all while many still don't understand how movies are made.

"The comprehension of how things work has not caught up with the flow of information. Do you know what I mean? So that often leads to confusion, because people are just like 'Well I read about this four years ago.' I'm like 'Well yeah, but it takes four to six years to get most of this stuff made.' It's just where we are at, and look I don't have any problem with the fact that it got leaked, because it's nice that people are interested in talking about it. It's not like you could complain that people are interested and we all feel kind of jazzed that people give a crap frankly. We're just off trying to make sure that if we do it, it's good."

Before Bill & Ted 3 gets off the ground, Alex Winter will premiere his new documentary Downloaded at the SXSW Film Festival this week.