Alexander:Rope Of Silicon has gotten hold of an exclsuive set report from the set of Oliver Stone's Alexander which is currently shooting in Thailand. Take a look...

"We had our first full day of shooting yesterday and it was hella long, plus the moccasins we wear for our costumes are not Nike Airs so our feet hurt like a motha. It is cool but no joke, we worked 20 hours yesterday."

"We left the hotel at 3:45 am for the set and right before we left Colin [Farrell] rolled in with a few buddies and one of them had a beer bottle in his hand, definitely coming in from the night before." As for Colin's part in the filming; he was spotted with two others riding horseback just coming up to see what was going on but he did not shoot.

As far as what they were shooting we got word that it was four separate scenes. Shooting is taking place in a jungle like setting in the Udon Thani province in Thailand. The ground is covered in leaves and the cast and ground is consistently sprayed down with a fire house to create that "tropical" effect. Also amidst the forest are several fog machines and a drummer some 50 yards away beating a large drum every 5-10 seconds.

The first scene "was of all of us [Alexander's army] lined up in army formation on a hill that was slowly rising up behind us, and our commander was in front and was pacing back and forth and said, 'you will hit them with your left...and then hit them with your right,' in a very deep English accent."

A second scene was very similar to the first but covering the left flank of the formation, and the third scene is a little more intense as it focuses on what are called choppers, which our insider is one of and the head commander yells out, "Bring the assault teams forward!" Then the battle captain yells, "Choppers, prepare your blades. Follow me!"

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Thanks to 'Brad'

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