The Good

This is just one of those shows that is fun and enjoyable.

The Bad

No commentary tracks or featurettes.

Alf was one of those shows that I watched a lot when I was younger, even though I don't often think about it in regards to my seminal 1980s TV viewing. I reserve that for shows like Diff'rent Strokes and Saved By the Bell. However, Alf was a show that was certainly a part of that equation and that is why I am so happy to own this DVD set.

Alf: Season Three is with filled our favorite, furry, feline eater meddling in the lives of the humans he lives with, thinking Elvis lives next door and finding innumerable ways to feed his insatiable appetite. Sure this show is layered with very light humor but Alf himself always seemed to have a sardonic charm. As if he knew the bad situations he was facing were not going to carry over from episode to episode (most of the time), but he always did his best to right the wrongs that he created.


Interactive Menus

At first I was upset at the lack of features that this DVD employed, simply because I wanted more of an insight into this show. Then as I started watching the episodes, I realized that I had never really seen menus that "talked" to me. In addition to Alf setting the stage for what we are going to see, he tells us what the shows in this set are about in a succinct, precise manner. Great job, all around!


4:3 - Full Screen Version. Alright, first off, I have found that shows from the 1980s have a darkness to them. It isn't in their tone but more in how the shows are lit. This is what I think accounts for their coziness. Also, I think more than ever with these shows, we know that they are taking place on a set somewhere. While this can hurt the reality of what is being presented, I think that can be forgiven if the writing is as solid as it is on a show like Alf. I could get into the fact that this DVD contains the syndicated episodes of this show, but I am so happy to have this on DVD, I really don't care.


Dolby Digital. Digital Mastered. Close Captioned. I love the voice cadences of Paul Fusco who voices Alf and Max Wright, who plays father Willie Tanner on the show. Truthfully, when I watch sitcoms I really don't notice the audio except for the dialogue and the music that's used to bridge the scenes together. All in all, I felt that this four disc set had that warm, 1980s feel that TV on DVD from that time should.


Alf, donning a Hawaiian shirt, stands in front of a green background drinking a "cat" milkshake. This image is priceless. The back of the DVD features some "Alf Facts," a brief description of this third season, a "Special Features" listing, a cast list and some technical spec. The plastic case that houses all four discs in this set has separate trays for each one. There is an identical, cardboard, slipcover that goes over this case as well.

Final Word

Who would have thought when this show first came on the air that it would run for four years and see Alf become a pop culture icon? It is only recently that he became the host of Alf's Hit Talk Show with Ed McMahon (no less!) as his sidekick! I truly think that it is Alf's darker sense of humor that has been the key to his staying power. Sure, there were aspects to Alf that had their share of fluffiness, but overall this show did a very good job of mixing comedy, drama and the idea of the cute, fuzzy alien on it's ear.

Alf: Season Three is a must own for TV on DVD lovers, fans of '80s sitcoms and last, but not least, fans of this enjoyable show.

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