Disney has some pretty interesting operations planned for Alias.

In a story from The Digital Bits, the Mouse House just announced that on November 21 Alias: The Complete Collection - Seasons 1-5 will be coming to DVD.

Expected in the set are the five seasons that comprised the show, and that will include all of the supplemental features that came on those original DVD releases. This set will also offer a "hidden bonus disc that includes 6 new featurettes: 'Head of Security' (an interview with Abrams and Jennifer Garner's first interview after being given the role of Sydney Bristow), 'Case Closed' (the final on-set cast reunion during the show's last week of filming), 'Identity Theft' (Sydney's best disguises), 'Secret Agents' (a tribute to the fans), 'Dossier 47' (on the show's infamous number) and the 'Alias in Overdrive' action montage."

In addition to this, the set comes with a hardcover book that contains "a stamp of authenticity." This whole set will be available "in a foil-embossed replica of The Rambaldi Box."

It will sell for $199.99.