Alice in WonderlandTim Burton's new remake held off a classic movie monster remake to top the home video charts in its first week on the shelves. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Alice in Wonderland debuted in the top spot on the DVD and Blu-ray sales charts, for the week ending June 6. Alice in Wonderland came to DVD less than three months after it debuted in theaters, with a domestic tally of $333.2 million at the box office.

The closest competitor to Alice in Wonderland was really no competition at all, with The Wolfman debuting in a distant second place on the DVD and Blu-ray sales charts. It was said that Alice in Wonderland outsold The Wolfman by a four-to-one margin on the DVD charts and a five-to-one margin on the BD charts. It was also reported that 37% of Alice in Wonderland's total sales were in the Blu-ray format, a rather high figure for a family film.

The Wolfman did come away with a win on the DVD rental charts, with Alice in Wonderland close behind in second place, amassing 87% of the rental revenue that The Wolfman took in.

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Still holding strong after nearly two months on the shelves is Avatar, which took third place on both the DVD sales charts and the Blu-ray sales charts and 10th place on the rental charts.