Audible is getting in on Alien Day by releasing a sneak preview clip of the upcoming Alien 3 audio drama from director Dirk Maggs. This week, it was reported that the unused script for Alien 3 from writer William Gibson was being adapted as an audio drama, which will be released exclusively on Audible. Fan favorite franchise star Michael Biehn is on board to reprise the role of Corporal Hicks, his character from Aliens, with Lance Henriksen also set to provide the voice of Bishop. In commemoration of Alien Day, the annual celebration of all things Alien, Audible has unveiled a teaser clip from the audio drama from the opening scenes of the story.

Picking up where Aliens leaves off, Audible's Alien 3 takes place on the Sulaco, returning from LV-426. Hicks, Ripley, Newt, and Bishop have been cryogenically frozen, and they quickly learn they are not alone after they emerge. The story is vastly different from what filmgoers received when they saw Alien 3 on the big screen, which took the plot in a completely different direction. As for why Gibson's script wasn't ultimately used, it's because he chose to walk away from the project after producers requested multiple rewrites. Once franchise fans listen to this new audio drama, it will be up to them to decide which version of Alien 3 tells a better story.

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In the sneak preview clip, Michael Biehn can be heard voicing Corporal Hicks once again. He has previously voiced the character in Alien video games, but hasn't portrayed the role on screen since Aliens in 1986. With his instantly recognizable voice, there's just something inherently awesome experiencing Biehn bringing Hicks to life once again. It's also clear great efforts have been taken by Audible to make the audio drama sound as legitimate as possible, as the sound editing, FX, and other voice work is also very well done. If you're a fan of Aliens, it will be impossible not to be excited once listening to the clip.

Controversially, the Alien 3 movie kills off Hicks, Newt, and Bishop in the very beginning of the movie. After their ship crash lands on a penal colony, it is established that Ripley is the sole survivor, although the android Bishop is later revived. Because Hicks and Newt had such an incredible journey in Aliens, nobody wanted to see them die at the start of Alien 3, beginning the sequel on such a depressing note. Aliens director James Cameron and Michael Biehn both disassociated themselves with the franchise after learning about this decision, and even Alien 3's director David Fincher later disowned the movie. "No one hated it more than me; to this day, no one hates it more than me," Fincher one said in a 2009 interview.

We're not going to have to wait for a painfully long time for Audible's Alien 3, as it will be available to listen to at the end of next month. The service has officially set a release date for the audio drama for May 30, so mark that calendar now. You can check out the sneak preview audio clip over at SoundCloud.

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