Last week, the visual effects company Amalgamated Dynamics Incorporated (ADI) dug into their VHS archives and dusted off a rare Alien 3 behind-the-scenes video, which featured David Fincher, who made his feature directorial debut with the movie, offering direction to the ADI team during rehearsals for a scene involving an animatronic head of Bishop (Lance Henriksen). With yesterday marking the 25th Anniversary of the movie's theatrical release, ADI has put together a comprehensive eight-minute video where the effects team revisits this movie. Here's what the ADI team had to say in the video's description.

"As the 25th Anniversary of Alien 3 approaches, we could not ignore our contribution to the film's title character: the Alien itself. Through the miracle of VHS and exclusive photographs, ADI takes you back to that year of hard work at Pinewood Studios. Enjoy the retrospective!"
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This eight-minute video surfaced on studio ADI YouTube, which shows how ADI was involved in creating the new Xenomorph known as the "runner," which also became known as the "Dog Alien," since it was born from an animal host. This video showcases the ADI team creating smaller maquettes and life-sized versions of this alien creature, as we can see the level of detail that goes into creating something of this size and scope. This creature was often criticized, because it was believed to be created through sub-standard visual effects, but that wasn't the case, since we can see the ADI team create this incredible Xenomorph suit throughout this eight-minute video, which was worn in the movie by ADI's Tom Woodruff Jr.

By the end of this video, we get to see Tom Woodruff Jr. actually trying on this elaborate suit, and we even get a glimpse at young director David Fincher in the video, examining the Xenomorph tail. The video shows that it was quite the elaborate process just to get into this suit, but the results were quite impressive. While the movie itself wasn't exactly a critical or commercial hit, ADI's Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruff Jr. were nominated for an Oscar for Best Visual Effects, along with Richard Edlund and George Gibbs.

Alien 3 is considered by many fans to be the worst in this iconic franchise, especially since it killed off the iconic Ellen Ripley, although Sigourney Weaver revealed in an interview that it was her decision to kill Ripley, because she heard the studio was developing Alien vs. Predator next, and she wanted no part in that franchise. While Alien 3 didn't perform well at the domestic box office, with $55.4 million, it earned an additional $104.3 million overseas for a decent $159.8 million worldwide gross, from a $50 million budget. Take a look at this new video below to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Alien 3.