Alien 5 & 6: A scooper over at Movie Hole sent in a variety of tidbits on the hopeful Alien films coming to the big screen in the future. Here's what he had to say about the plots of Alien 5 and Alien 6:

"The new LV-426 terraforming project has been successful. A colonist Geo gets a distorted transmition sourced from the north horizon & goes to investigate. He finds 2 giant alien spaceships in process of some type of excavation. The ships blast off before the Geo gets too close. He enters the excavation site & into the original 'navigators' ship. He comes to a large empty chamber with a solitary item in the middle of it. As he approaches it takes the shape of an egg..... The 5th Alien instalment takes place on Earth. Earth is under attack by alien warrior drop ships (the race first seen as the dead navigator aboard the derelict alien ship in the original Alien movie). Their method of attack: planting Alien eggs around the human habitats! The Aliens create havoc as their numbers increase. Ripley wakes by the sounds of screaming. She is in a cell & a guard is fumbling trying to get the door open. She will soon realize that her nightmare has taken over her home planet. The evacuation begins. This will lead to the final battle sequence aboard the Navigators ship where Ripley will discover the navigator is a fierce creature whose main objective is to wipe out all intelligent life infesting the universe."

Alien 6 Plot: "May takes place on the navigator's home planet. They are the evil genetic creators of the alien race & must be stopped before they infest other planets/galaxies with the alien menace. Ripley will go deep into the alien hive & defect to the side of the alien emperor. The Alien wars are just beginning...."

Only time will tell if these are true or not. What do you think? Talk about it here!