For a period of time, it looked like Alien 5 was going to happen. That isn't the case anymore. But director Neill Blomkamp recently shared some concept art, teasing what might have been. Back in April, producer Ridley Scott claimed that Alien 5 wasn't too far along in the development process. But it was far enough that some concept art was commissioned, with the director revealing two pieces of never-before-seen artwork through his Instagram page. The first of which shows off a Xenomorph attack, and the second revealing a massive new ship for the Alien franchise.

Unfortunately, director Neill Blomkamp presented these two pieces of artwork without any comment, with the first image showcasing a Xenomorph waiting in a shaft, with a soldier standing above this dangerous alien lying in wait for another victim. There is no indication as to where in this movie this scene us set, or if it would have ultimately been in the movie at all. But it's clear that the Xenomorphs would have been back in some capacity, and would have been a part of the story that Neill Blomkamp was planning to tell.

The second image features a massive ship in a docking bay, although there is no indication as to how this ship may have tied into the story. Last December, director Neill Blomkamp teased in an interview that Alien 5 will bring Ripley's story to an end, but just a month later, in January 2017, the director indicated that the movie would likely be cancelled. The director said this while answering a fan's question about the probability of Alien 5 actually happening, revealing that the chances of it were "slim."

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It is believed this project was shelved so the studio could focus on Alien: Covenant and its sequels, but we reported just yesterday that the Alien: Covenant sequel has been cancelled, with rumors floating around that the whole franchise may be rebooted, following the sale of 20th Century Fox to Disney. If the whole franchise is rebooted, then that will serve as the ultimate confirmation that Alien 5 is dead, meaning fans won't get that definitive ending to Ripley's story that Neill Blomkamp had been teasing, since the movie would have essentially ignored the stories told in Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection.

Regardless, these pieces of concept art, and any other images the director chooses to reveal in the future, will be the most we'll see from Alien 5, which was expected to bring back Lance Henriksen's Bishop and an adult version of Carrie Henn's Alien 3 character Newt. Hopefully the director will share more of these concept art images, through his Neill Blomkamp Instagram page, now that the project is dead, but we'll have to wait and see. Take a look at these concept art images below from the scrapped Alien 5 movie.