As the press tour for Chappie winds down, before the sci-fi thriller hits theaters tomorrow, March 6, Sigourney Weaver shared her thoughts once again about her possible next collaboration with director Neill Blomkamp, Alien 5. After posting a series of Instagram photos in January, without 20th Century Fox's knowledge, this project went from a pipe dream to a reality, with 20th Century Fox now developing the sequel with Neill Blomkamp set to direct and original Alien director Ridley Scott producing. During the red carpet premiere for Chappie, Sigourney Weaver revealed that she thinks Neill Blomkamp will 'break new ground' with this story.

"I can't think of a better director. He's a real fan. I think he'll be true to the world and take it in unexpected directions. It's got a lot of sinew in it. It will certainly stand up to the others and probably break a lot of new ground as well. Suddenly it seemed so obvious that this would happen. We've been in touch the last year, and he's shared wonderful artwork."

Neill Blomkamp is obviously well-versed in the sci-fi world, following his directorial debut District 9, Elysium and this weekend's Chappie. Despite his background in the genre, the director revealed that Alien 5 will actually be a departure for him.

"I would love to make something in that world because the films use terror and dread and filmmaking techniques that are different than what I've dabbled in before."

Neill Blomkamp has said recently that he has a whole story worked out, but it isn't known if he actually has a script written quite yet. While we don't know anything about the plot yet, Sigourney Weaver praised the filmmaker for his world-building methods on Chappie.

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"It is set in the future, but it's almost like an alternate present. It's not happening in a far away world or an unrecognizable planet. I love how he uses this genre not for fantasy, but for human stories, even with robots."