Mike St. Lawrence owns the St. Lawrence Agency located in Florida and his business offers alien abduction insurance. St. Lawrence has had his offices open since 1987, but he has seen a recent uptick in policies ever since the Storm Area 51 event went viral. The raid is supposed to take place on September 20th at the Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada. Nearly 2 million people have signed up to attend on Facebook and some of those people might need some of the new coverage St. Lawrence is offering.

The US Defense Department strongly suggests that everybody stay away from Nellis Air Force Base and have indicated that they will use force if necessary. While the Area 51 Raid was started as a joke, many are still taking it seriously. Mike St. Lawrence isn't one of those people who are taking it seriously and is offering people an insurance policy that "is activated if you go in and you don't come out." However, he doesn't think anybody should be going, even as a joke. He says, "If I could give advice, it would be to stay home because this is a military site and they probably take blocking people from getting in seriously."

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Though located in Florida, the St. Lawrence Agency is in the "humor business," as Mike St. Lawrence admits. They do offer $10 million policies, but one look at the fine print tells you what it's all about. Should a loved one be abducted by an alien and can verify it, beneficiaries will be paid $1 a year for the next 10 million years. Speaking of verification, anyone claiming to have been abducted will need to present a signature from an "authorized onboard alien" to process the claim.

Mike St. Lawrence came up with the idea for alien abduction insurance in the 1980s when he discovered that his homeowners insurance does not cover alien abductions. "I take a very opened mind approach to this, whether it's happening or not," St. Lawrence says. He went on to state, "if you get one of our policies, show you have a sense of humor about it." St. Lawrence isn't trying to pull something over on anybody, he's just having some fun and has sold nearly 6,000 policies since opening doors in 1987. Thankfully, the Storm Area 51 movement has given him some more business with his added coverage for the event. St. Lawrence has been interviewed on TV multiple times about his business and he even made a brief cameo in 1997's Contact.

The website for the St. Lawrence Agency says it's the "perfect gift for anyone who has everything." A digital policy can be purchased for $19.99, while the paper policy is going to set you back $24.95. They both offer other support in addition to the abduction coverage. Sarcasm coverage, identity coverage, and outpatient psychiatric care are all covered in the cheap packages. As for cashing in on the $10 million, Mike St. Lawrence has had to pay two claims. One man even presented a polaroid of himself with a supposed alien when he couldn't get the signature. If you thing you're pretty well covered for Storm Area 51 and abduction, St. Lawrence also offers asteroid insurance and reincarnation insurance. You can head over to the St. Lawrence Agency site for more information.

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