In just a couple of weeks, moviegoers are going to be treated to what looks like it could be the best Alien movie in more than thirty years. Fox is continuing to tease us with new footage from Alien: Covenant, all without giving away seemingly too much. The latest bit of footage to arrive comes in the form of a brief but very brutal and violent red-band clip, which teases the arrival of the new alien species, the terrifying Neomorph.

The trailers for Alien: Covenant have made it crystal clear that we will be getting plenty of proper and classic Xenomorph action in the movie, but it seems like we are going to be seeing the actual creation of the dreaded creature. The Neomorph, while similar to the Xenomorph, is different, not only physically, but in how the creature emerges from the human host. In the new clip, which was released by 20th Century Fox UK, we see one of the Covenant crew members sitting on a medical table looking extra pale and in really bad shape. Unfortunately, one of his uninfected shipmates is stuck in there with him and she is absolutely terrified. Rightfully so.

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While we don't see the full emergence of the Neomorph in this clip, we can see that the poor guy who is carrying the creature inside him is clearly about to have something burst out of him, as his back starts to tear open. When the camera is off of him, we hear what sounds like a creature making a very unsettling noise and hear something breaking. Safe to say, that is our new friend the Neomorph. Some pictures were recently released, giving us a very good look at the pale, cone-headed, creepy looking new alien. In the original Alien, when the Xenomorph bursts from the chest, the host looks more or less fine until the incident occurs. In this case, it seems like the Neomorph is much tougher on the body, given the pale, sickly looking nature of the host. And the creature bursts from the back, as opposed to the chest, for a currently unknown reason. It is definitely clear that anything to do with the Neomorphs in Alien: Covenant will be super violent.

Alien: Covenant is going to serve as both a sequel to Prometheus and the second of three prequel movies that will lead up to the events of the original Alien. While Prometheus has found an audience in the years since its release, there were many fans of the franchise were a little let down by the movie. It looks like, based on almost everything we have seen, that Alien: Covenant will be much more in line with what many of us were hoping to see in Prometheus.

Ridley Scott is once again returning to the director's chair for Alien: Covenant, as he did for the original Alien and Prometheus. The cast for Alien: Covenant includes returning stars Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace, as well as newcomers Katherine Waterston, Danny McBride, James Franco, Demian Bechir and Billy Crudup. Alien: Covenant arrives in theaters on May 19. Be sure to check out the new red band clip for yourself below.