Several of this summer's major releases managed to disappoint. Some at the box office and some in terms of expectations. In some cases, it was a bit of both. Such is the case with Alien: Covenant, which was poised to be the Alien movie we've all been waiting thirty years for. Instead, we wound up with another divisive movie that massively underperformed at the box office. Now, the Honest Trailer gang has decided to give us their take on Alien: Covenant as it heads to Blu-ray and DVD, and it is pretty brutal, but definitely hilarious.

The folks over at Screen Junkies decided to make Alien: Covenant the subject of this week's honest trailer, in honor of the movie making its way to home video. This is an honest trailer in the truest sense in that, even those who loved this movie can easily see what is being poked fun at here and the larger points made about the Alien franchise are hard to argue with. How many more times are we going to see the Xenomorph defeated by having it blown out an airlock?

One of the most poignant things that will hit home for those who felt mixed about Alien: Covenant has to do with Ridley Scott. They point out in the beginning that he is simultaneously one of the best and worst directors of our time. Movies like Alien, Gladiator and Blade Runner are undeniable masterpieces, but then we have disasters like The Counselor and Robin Hood. Then there are the divisive entries to his resume like Alien: Covenant. At one point, they say that the movie is the result of a bad sci-fi script in the hands of a visual genius. Love it or hate it, that may be pretty close to the truth.

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Even if you are one those who wound up falling in love with Alien: Covenant, and despite how brutal this Honest Trailer is there are plenty of those people out there, the movie simply didn't become the hit that Fox was hoping it would. Alien: Covenant wound up making just $232.5 million at the box office, which is a little more than half of what Prometheus made. Considering that Prometheus didn't actually feature any Xenomorphs in it and didn't have the franchise name in the title, that says a lot. As such, Fox has their doubts about continuing the Alien franchise, as one might expect.

With the lackluster performance, Ridley Scott's lofty plans for the Alien franchise is in doubt. He may not even get to finish this Alien prequel trilogy, which may frustrate many fans because Alien: Covenant certainly didn't tie everything up. That would be a pretty unceremonious way to end one of the best sci-fi franchises of all-time. If nothing else, we got a pretty great Honest Trailer out of the deal. Be sure to check out the Alien: Covenant Honest Trailer for yourself below.

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Ryan Scott