Nearly 40 years after it hit theaters, Ridley Scott's original Alien has stood the test of time, and is still considered one of the very best movies in both the horror and sci-fi genres. 20th Century Fox even re-released both Alien & Aliens in theaters last year for "Alien Day," on April 26. This year, Ridley Scott is returning to this iconic franchise with Alien: Covenant, which will mark the star of a new trilogy that will connect to the original Alien. While this movie is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated of the year, filmmaker James Cameron isn't necessarily looking forward to it.

With just two feature films under his belt, Piranha II and The Terminator, James Cameron directed the 1986 classic Aliens, which celebrated its 30th Anniversary last year. But the franchise hasn't been the same since then. The widely-panned 1992 sequel Alien 3, which marked the feature directorial debut of David Fincher, was considered a huge misfire, with James Cameron himself even criticizing the film for killing off two beloved characters, Hicks (Michael Biehn) and Newt (Carrie Henn). During a new interview with Vulture, James Cameron revealed that he doesn't think we need any more Alien movies, although he also added that he would stand in line for any Ridley Scott movie.

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"The franchise has kind of wandered all over the map. Ridley Scott did the first film, and he inspired an entire generation of filmmakers and science-fiction fans with that one movie and there have been so many films that stylistically have derived from it, including my own Aliens, which was the legitimate sequel and, I think, the proper heir to his film. I sort of did it as a fanboy. I wanted to honor his film, but also say what I needed to say. After that, I don't take any responsibility. I don't think it's worked out terribly well. I think we've moved on beyond it. It's like, okay, we've got it, we've got the whole Freudian biomechanoid meme. I've seen it in 100 horror films since. I think both of those films stand at a certain point in time, as a reference point. But is there any validity to doing another one now? I don't know. Maybe. Let's see, jury's out. Let's see what Ridley comes up with. Let me just add to that, and don't cut this part off, please, I will stand in line for any Ridley Scott movie, even a not-so-great one, because he is such an artist, he's such a filmmaker. I always learn from him. And what he does with going back to his own franchise would be fascinating."

Regardless of what Ridley Scott comes up with in Alien: Covenant, fans will get to see what it is quite a bit sooner. 20th Century Fox had originally set an August 4, 2017 release date, but in November, the studio released a new poster which revealed they had pushed this sci-fi thriller up to May 19, where it will go up against Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul and Everything, Everything. There were also plans for a project simply known as Alien 5, which was to be directed by Neill Blomkamp, but just a few days ago, the filmmaker revealed that Alien 5 will probably be canceled, telling a fan on Twitter that the chances of it happening now are "slim."

There is very little we know about what the studio and Ridley Scott are planning for after Alien: Covenant, but that story is said to take place roughly 10 years after the events of 2012's Prometheus. The cast is lead by Katherine Waterston, who many believe is playing Ripley's mom, but that has not yet been confirmed, along with Michael Fassbender as David, the android from Prometheus. The cast also includes Danny McBride, Demian Bichir, Jussie Smollett, Amy Seimetz, Carmen Ejogo and James Franco. With the May 19 release date approaching, hopefully we'll get some new footage in the very near future.