Yesterday, 20th Century Fox debuted a cryptic image on the official Alien: Covenant Twitter account, which also featured a mysterious number that most fans assumed served as some sort of countdown towards the first Alien: Covenant trailer. Today we have yet another one of these mysterious photos, along with a not-so-cryptic photo that gives us a closer look at Katherine Waterston's character Daniels. We also have word that James Franco has confirmed that he is in fact a part of the cast, while new reports claim that the trailer may be arriving as early as tomorrow night.

First up, Entertainment Weekly has debuted this new photo of Katherine Waterston as Daniels, with the actress herself praising director Ridley Scott by stating that, "he has the energy of 10 25-year-olds". She also added that he is sadistic, and that he, "loves the thought of making people scream in the cinema." It seems that he may love to "make people scream" so much because it's so difficult to accomplish. Here's what the director had to say about this fact.

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"It's hard to scare people. It's a lot easier to make ­people laugh. But to really scare the sh- out of somebody? That's difficult."

As for the other cryptic photo, which debuted on Twitter, it features the Covenant ship's "stasis pods," which are used to preserve the crew on long missions. We can see that someone is inhabiting this particular pod, but we don't know who it is quite yet. Much like yesterday's photo, today's image is accompanied by another mysterious number, "130112062104." Yesterday's number was "220512052104," which a member of the Alien-Covenant forums deciphered as "December 22, 12:05, 2104," which they believed to mean that the first trailer will debut on December 22 at 12:05, although that was never confirmed. There is another theory that has surfaced, though.

Another member of the Alien-Covenant forum claims that these numbers are actually a countdown to the trailer in microseconds, with yesterday's mystery number equating to roughly 61 hours, while today's number equates to 36 hours. If this is true, then that could mean the first Alien: Covenant trailer will actually debut tomorrow night, around 9 PM EST/6 PM PST. If that is the case, then perhaps we'll get some sort of confirmation from 20th Century Fox very soon. Most had believed that the "2104" that comes at the end of both numbers is a reference to the year which the movie is set, roughly 10 years after the events of Prometheus.

We also have word that the first Alien: Covenant trailer has been rated by the Germany ratings system known as the FSK, which reveals that the trailer runs two minutes and three seconds in length. While the FSK doesn't offer any details about when it may debut, news of a film's trailer rating normally comes just before the footage itself debuts. If that wasn't enough, James Franco also confirmed that he is starring in Alien: Covenant, although he wouldn't shed any light on his character. The initial report claimed that he is playing a character named Branson, the captain of the Covenant ship, who is also married to Katherine Waterston's Daniels. Take a look at these new photos below for Alien: Covenant, and stay tuned for more on the first trailer.