Heading into 2017, Alien: Covenant was arguably one of the most highly-anticipated sequels in a year absolutely crammed with big sequels. It came and is already close to gone without the kind of impact one might have expected it to have. Unfortunately for Fox, the movie wound up being quite divisive. Not to say that it would have bolstered the box office or anything, but it has now been revealed that a very awesome sounding fight scene was cut from Alien: Covenant before it made its way to theaters.

Warning: spoilers ahead for Alien: Covenant. According to the fan site Alien-Covenant.com, the two horribly fearsome aliens in Alien: Covenant, the white-skinned Neomorph and the classic Xenomorph were supposed to fight one another in the movie. As it stands, the two creatures never shared a scene together, which feels like something of a missed opportunity after hearing about the scene. Here's how the site says the scene was supposed to go down.

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"According to our sources, the scene was originally going to play out when Daniels, Walter/David and Lope are running towards the lander, which Tennessee boarded to rescue the surviving Covenant crew. The Neomorph was going to be the one chasing Daniels and Lope and during that chase scene the Xenomorph would have revealed itself, attacking the Neomorph and asserting itself as the dominant Alien lifeform. The scene was meant to convey just how much larger and nastier the Xenomorph was compared to the already aggressive Neomorph."

In the movie, Billy Crudup's character Oram took care of David's final (as far as we know) deadly Neomorph creation with a machine gun before the Xenomorph was unleashed on the Covenant crew. Since the Neomorph was a precursor to the Xenomorph, it would have been seemingly worth showing on screen how the Xenomorph is superior. What better way to do that than to have the two creatures duke it out and have the Xenomorph come out on top? It isn't clear why the scene was changed and why the fight was cut, but Ridley Scott must have had his reasons. Since the Xenomorph has officially been unleashed and David has perfected his creation by the end of Alien: Covenant, it isn't likely we'll ever have a chance to see this happen. At least not in a movie. Maybe in a comic book or a video game?

Ridley Scott has, or possibly had, some very lofty plans for the Alien franchise following the release of Alien: Covenant. There is going to be one more prequel to the original Alien, currently titled Alien: Awakening, and, if Scott still gets his way, there may be another entire trilogy of Alien movies at some other point in the series' timeline. However, since Alien: Covenant has dramatically underperformed at the box office, currently sitting at $181.7 million against a $97 million production budget, those plans may be tempered a bit. Especially considering that this isn't a great movie that people just aren't seeing. Alien: Covenant has been pretty divisive. Would some alien on alien brawling fixed those issues? Probably not, but who wouldn't want to see that?