2017 is absolutely jam-packed with sequels to many of Hollywood's most bankable and beloved franchises, but Alien: Covenant is quickly climbing the ladder and becoming one of the most anticipated movies of the year. We recently got to see the first trailer for Ridley Scott's upcoming installment of the Alien franchise, which promises to be a return-to-form, scary space adventure. Now, a new image of Katherine Waterston's character Daniels has been released and falls right in line with the theme of terror for Alien: Covenant.

The photo was released by USA Today as part of a preview of the "must see" movies coming out this year. Following the release of the first trailer, it is pretty safe to say that Alien: Covenant now falls into that category. This new picture shows Daniels, who is one of the crewmembers of the colony ship Covenant, and she appears to be having a pretty rough day. We can safely assume that has a little (or a lot) to do with the fact that she and her crew are being terrorized by some of the most terrifying aliens the galaxy has ever known.

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Alien introduced us to the character of Ellen Ripley, who was brought to life by Sigourney Weaver and has gone on to become something of an action movie icon. This image of Katherine Waterston as Daniels definitely seems to signal that she will be taking cues from Ripley, both in terms of look and ability to be a badass. That said, it seems very likely that the characters featured in Alien: Covenant probably won't make it out of the movie alive, since it is a prequel to Alien and we have never heard of these characters until now. Odds are that Daniels and all of the other Covenant crew members will probably meet a grim fate before Alien: Covenant is over. Here is what Katherine Waterston had to say about her new character and how she compares to Ripley.

"You don't really know what you're made of until you're tested. They are both able to somehow think clearly in really shocking, unimaginable scenarios. It's fun to play someone who can thrive in that chaos. I'm very squeamish. I've seen these movies many times, but I feel like I've barely seen any of the alien scenes because my eyes are usually covered."

The fact that most of these characters will probably die doesn't seem to be making anyone any less excited for this new entry in the Alien franchise. Prometheus, which came out in 2012 and was also a prequel to the original Alien, didn't quite deliver on the promise of being part of that universe. Everything we have seen from Alien: Covenant so far, including this new photo, makes it very clear that Ridley Scott is making a straight-up Alien movie. That is something that fans and 20th Century Fox appear to be very happy about. Not long ago, the studio revealed the first poster for the movie, which boasted the simple tagline "run," along with what appeared to be a Xenomorph cloaked in shadow, with a signature set of teeth dripping with slime. At the time, it was also revealed that Fox felt confident enough to bump up the release date of Alien: Covenant by nearly three months. So they seem to have a tremendous amount of confidence in it.

The only returning characters for this next entry will be Michael Fassbender as David (as well as another android named Walter) and Noomi Rapace as Elizabeth. The rest of the new cast includes Demian Bichir, Katherine Waterston, Danny McBride, James Franco and Billy Crudup. Alien: Covenant is being directed by Ridley Scott and is set for release on May 19, 2017. Be sure to check out the new photo from the movie for yourself below.

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