Xenomorphs and their Neomorph offspring are becoming the key marketing factor when it comes to Alien: Covenant. 20th Century Fox knows what the fans want to see. And their latest offering delivers just that. A new poster has arrived, and it features the new monsters on the attack. It also teases the arrival of one scary looking mama.

The path to paradise begins in hell! And this latest one-sheet certainly looks like it's swimming in the bowels of Hades. 20th Century Fox has released this new poster for Alien: Covenant! Ridley Scott returns to the universe he created with a new chapter in his groundbreaking Alien franchise. And we get a tease of the horrors that await when this sci-fi thriller hits theaters May 19, 2017.

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This teaser is presented as a tribute to H.R. Giger, who created the original Xenomorph that scared the world in Scott's original 1979 masterpiece Alien. The poster appears as one of his iconic relief sculptures. But if you look closer, specifically at the top center, you'll see the unmistakable iconic shape of the Alien Queen's head. And in your ears, you might even hear the faint whispers of Ripley demanding, 'Get away from her you bitch!'

In Alien: Covenant, the crew of the colony ship Covenant, bound for a remote planet on the far side of the galaxy, discovers what they think is an uncharted paradise, but is actually a dark, dangerous world. When they uncover a threat beyond their imagination, they must attempt a harrowing escape.

Ridley Scott recently appeared at SXSW, where he dropped some new insight about Alien: Covenant and the secrets contained within. About the movie itself, he seemed unafraid to compare it to his original classic. And appears confident that this will deliver exactly what fans want to see. He says this about the movie he's about to unleash later this summer.

"Well I think this is so, dare I say clever and violent and everything you kind of want. I think it's a cut above what's come before. And therefore we leave all kinds of things open for the next one. Just see how you go. I mean, I enjoy doing them so much. Honestly, I'd like to keep it going forever."

This new Alien movie has been described as a true horror experience. And it goes back to the scary roots of its original. Which is a hard thing to do in this current cinematic climate. Ridley Scott shared a bit of insight into what it's like trying to scary today's modern audiences. He says this.

"You know, it's the hardest thing I think to do. It's very easy to make people smile, laugh. I think we've been challenged by so much violent, super violent, like Saw 14, where you get so numb to blood and numb to brutality and numb to inhuman behavior. So people get hardened to it. You've got a 5-year-old seeing Saw IV. It's like, 'Whatever. That's boring.' It's hard. Wayback when I was going to do Alien and I think at that point in time there two, well, one really serious one that scared the hell out of me. I was 40 before I did my first movie and I'm sitting there in a room at Fox and I screened The Exorcist again. It's a perfect engine. It's a fantastic film. Maybe because it feels logical? It feels possible and when it's possible and logical it's always scarier...Then there's Omen one, which is a pretty good film. That was quite clever and scary. And then I thought I had better look at some hardcore thing. I had always resisted seeing the film because of its poster because it had a guy with a pig's head on it and a saw. I had never seen Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Tobe Hooper. And so I sat in a room one afternoon. I mean that is hardcore. I just sat there thinking, 'He's not going to do that.' And he does. That's hard to do."

I guess we'll have to forgive Rdley Scott for not remembering that the Pig-headed man with the chainsaw is actually from the 80s cult classic Motel Hell. None the less, this latest Alien: Covenant poster is quite frightening, and teases what's in store for the crew of the Covenant. Check it out, and try not to get too scared.

Alien Covenant Poster
B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange